When Simon's video game character comes to life and tortures his dysfunctional family, Simon must decide whether to stop the violence or turn into a Gimp himself... forever.

     Summer at the family lake house. Simon Kunkel, a shy, bug collecting 11-year-old, loses his crippled father's antique lure on a fishing trip. When Jim humiliates his son for it, his alcoholic wife Sophie shames him into giving Simon a fishing video game to make amends. Simon can't fish any better in the game, but he finds a magic character that protects him from the baddies - Mister Gimp. When Simon's bullying older brother, Billy, takes away his game, Simon prays to Mister Gimp to protect him in real life. That night something strange crawls out of the lake and creeps into Billy's room....

     Billy wakes up the next morning choking on an enormous dead beetle. When Jim blames Simon and spanks him in a fit of rage, Sophie interferes and Jim loses it, hitting Sophie and fleeing the house. Left without a father and trapped between an abusive brother and a drunk mother, Simon's only aid is Mister Gimp. First Sophie's wine mysteriously disappears, taken by a pair of red hands. Then Billy pushes Simon too far, blowing up his bug collection in revenge for driving away their father. Mister Gimp drags Billy into the lake, presumably drowned. Simon manages to later 'fish' Billy out of the lake using the fishing game controller, but Billy returns dazed and broken.

     Simon has terrible nightmares about Mister Gimp tearing his family apart. Desperate to be rid of him, Simon smashes the video game with a hammer, but Mister Gimp appears and removes his blank mask to show Simon his true face. Simon falls into a coma at the sight and dreams that his father has returned, but like Mister Gimp, has no face. Simon wakes up on his family's motorboat being driven to the underworld by Mister Gimp, told that he is dying because he can't accept Mister Gimp in his life. When Mister Gimp refuses to turn back, Simon kills him in anger. Simon pulls off the mask and sees Mister Gimp's true face - a ghastly decayed version of Simon's!

     Simon wakes up from his coma in the hospital, seemingly ok. But arriving home, he discovers a nightmare worse than anything that came before... Trapped in a hellish alternate Gimp version of his family, how will Simon defeat the Gimps and return to the real world...?

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